101investing: A broker you can trust blindfolded!

The year 2020 is coming with new problemsevery day.With this harsh time, the financial market has also faced many complications. But it has managed to stand strong with its trading market. Though the time is very challenging many online brokers are still daring to launch themselves in the market. They are rising in this industry to offer profits to the traders. All the successful traders opt for an arbitrator for an easy and successful trade within a short time. A broker can be claimed well only when it makes the profit of the client their prime responsibility. Moreover, there are many brokers who provide various types of assets with varieties and some brokers are dedicated to only one type of assets. Now it completely depends on the trader to choose the suitable trading platform to trade with their desired assets. Now that Forex is a top traded asset, many traders look for a trading platform that would give them the best option of this asset. In case if you are searching for a trading platform that would provide the best deal of this asset, then you can choose 101investing without hesitation.This trading platform is created by FXBFI especially for those who have the least experienced in the trading business but are highly interested in starting one.

Explore this trading platform

As mentioned above 101investing is operated by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest LTD. FXBFI is a reputed broker and thus their introduced trading platform is also good at maintaining honesty while trading.  FXBFI has been in this market from a long period of time and thus is a trustworthy company.

Don’t step back being a beginner

Trading successfully requires excellency in many criteria. As said earlier, this trading platform is specially made for beginners. You might have very little experience in trading business and it is very genuine to fear losses for wrong steps. Here, 101investing makes a great choice.This trading platform will motivate you to move forward positively with your trading career.101investing provides newbie traders and beginners with quality educational material, which lets them acquire knowledge and develop theirexperience. They move ahead with the help of trusted financial advisors and AI robots.

The account types available

This trading platform provides it’s traders with 3 main account types namely

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Each account is renowned for the unique facility they provide. Each account has a different deposit amount.  The fees and services vary according to the account type you choose. Moreover, you are able to choose an account on the basis of your experience and financial background. This trading platform never kills the ambition of a new reader with no experience and a low budget. Rather it provides them with a choice that would give them, a positive back push.

A way to keep you regular

To become a successful trader you need to remain updated and added to that you need to be regular.Almost every broker in the market charge fees and 101investing is not any exception. Well, this is a good step taken by the trading platforms to keep you regular. So, you either stay regular and active or pay inactivity fees. This trading platform imposes inactivity fees in the following ways :

  • In case you are inactive for 60 days then you will be charged 80 EUR or 160 EUR.
  • If you give a gap of 91 days in your trading business then you will be charged 120EUR per month.
  • If your inactivity time longer for 181+ days then you will 200 EUR per month.
  • If you are not active for 271+ days then your payment will reach 500 EUR per month.

Don’t be afraid of this, this policy is imposed just to keep the trader dedicated and regular to the business. Moreover, the company accepts payments in different ways, so you need not worry about this technicality.

The available assets

The company will completely satisfy you with the varieties of assets it provides for trading. A successful trader is always to enlarge the list of assets he or she trades with in order to increase the profit level. You will be amazed to know that as soon as you open your account in this trading platform you get access to all the significant assets this trading platform holds.The broker’s primary trading form is via contract to make a difference. You will get to trade with stocks, indices, commodities and it especially promotes crypto trading.

Easy to access trading platform

If you are an active trader then you would love it, if the trading platform is available for trading anytime. Now that many trading platforms stick to their tradition but many new generation trading platformshave made themselves available in phones rather than desktop. So that you can trade through a single device.

You are already excited to trade with this broker, isn’t it! Of course, you will be because this the most popular and trustworthy trading platform that exists today. So, move forward with the right choice.