As regulated by multiple government bodies, it’s a multi-level process to import a car to Canada. The government of transport sector of Canada says a vehicle is something, which can be driven or carry loads on roads.  

There are several concerns while you import a car to Canada from across the globe or from the United States of America. We have narrowed down and highlighted 4 important things to know before you import a car to Canada, which will help you from being refused to entry, border delay issues or any penalty levied with the Canada Border Security and Service Agency. Below are the broken-down points.Image result for 4 Things to Know Before You Import a Car from the US to Canada

  • Make Sure Canada Admits the Vehicle

Ensure that the imported vehicle would meet the criteria imposed by the Border Services Agency of Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Transport Canada. If the requirements are not met, importing a car to Canada is a nightmare.

  1. Ensure the Documentation for Clearance Are Met

Make sure you carry a valid copy of all the documents required for border protection of both the USA customs and the Border Services Agency of Canada. Have these in place while you import a car to Canada.

The below documents are mandatory at the customs check at the border:

  • Manufacturer’s Original Title Statement of Origin or Certificate of Origin (front and forth)
  • Sales Bill
  • Clearance Recall letter (U.S. only)
  • If applicable, NAFTA (for commercial U.S. imports only)
  • Copies of the Export Certificate and Invoices (in English or French), if export location is other than the U.S.
  1.  72 Hours’ Export File AES Notice

This is new! This document is mandatory and effective since 2014. The USA Bureau of Census has listed the export requirement to be filed by the USA customs and the Border Protection Export System (AES). For this document, the AES filing must be done 72 hours prior to vehicle export.

  1. Produce All the Necessary Documents 72 Hours Prior to CBP

If the vehicle has to be imported to Canada from the United States of America, one has to submit all the necessary documents to the USA customs and the CBP minimum 72 hours of time prior to export.

If you are exporting it along the waters, make sure you get the confirmation from the United States of America port being used while exporting. Ensure the port authorities have no objection for the export.

In case you require more clarification and information pertaining to importing a car to Canada, seek assistance from the customs brokers or agencies.


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